The First act or the first step has always been the most difficult thing to do! Because it not only demands courage and conviction, but also originality of and openness to thoughts!

Let me start by sharing that the long-cherished dream by me and our cofounder Avishek Sarkar is indeed shaping into a reality now. From the first day itself SEEDS has strived to install a technology driven; micro & small enterprise focused & long-term relation building philosophy while aiming scalability & sustainability in the MSME lending & NBFC environment.

Our vision of strengthening borrowing enterprises has immensely helped us etch a mark in the market place. We bring unique proposition to our customers not only by lending them but also understanding their capital requirements on ongoing basis & by educating them to expand their business with prudence. We have developed great technology tools to collect wide range of customer data which will eventually help us in developing deeper insights about customers’ business and thereby developing innovative, cost effective & highly customized products to suit both short-term & long-term capital needs of our customers going forward. SEEDS has successfully achieved 100% digital & cashless collections which was unheard within the MSME industry through our meticulous credit procedures and tireless commitment of the team at the ground. Our target is to do continuous innovations on technology front in our system to enable our customers to have regular updates regarding our services round the clock.

I am extremely certain to mention that the story of SEEDS from the date of obtaining RBI License till date has been one of endurance, grit, determination and self-belief amid second wave of COVID scare, gloomy business environment, deteriorating lending landscape, bleak collections scenario & many of staff members getting infected/hospitalized by COVID.

Our challenge was to recruit the best resources, open branches, engage with potential investors & lenders, roll out product policy, get operationally ready & launch the business. In addition to have trust from our valued shareholders we have been very fortunate to have won the support of our lenders as well which is evident from the fact that we have raised more than Rs.50 Cr. from 15 lenders in the very first year of operation. Buoyed by their confidence in SEEDS, our belief in the success of SEEDS became even stronger.

When I reflect, it is overwhelmingly satisfying moment for me to mention before all of you that we successfully overcame all those unthinkable hurdles & here we are standing confident and proud today.

The role of our senior team members, managers & field staff has been stellar in helping us reach here. Our people are our greatest strength & I would like to commend & thank each member of SEEDS’ family for the dedication, commitment & sacrifices they have made in the most difficult time of our lives & yet delivering incredible performance month on month to take us here today.

In the months to come, SEEDS will be aspiring to become the most preferred lender to the larger pool of MSME businesses falling in between SME & Microfinance categories. There is a huge funding gap as these businesses are deprived of easy access to capital on competitive rates. That is where SEEDS is aggressively positioning itself & aiming to become a lender who understands their immediate capital requirements and anticipated future needs too. Such MSME enterprises are the largest employment generators for the nation and SEEDS would like to play a significant role in supporting these enterprises. We are increasingly using technology & our team is working hard to blend artificial Intelligence, ML & big data with traditional ways of business to give unique & hassle-free experience to our borrowers. SEEDS will attract the best talent from the industry, campuses & also focus on nurturing internal talent pool through training & upskilling programs. We are working on developing innovative & need based customized products & putting in place robust & dynamic risk management, data security and business continuity management policies with the help of latest available technology.

We are now firming up role designs, employee reward programs & developing effective learning management system to all employees while aiming to become the employer of choice where people get empowered to perform, assured job security offering safety & open culture.

Our vision is to creates the best value for all the stakeholders & investors alike through building a technology driven, customer centric, cost effective, agile business model backed innovative product offerings, performance rewarding environment and robust risk management policy is integral to our business strategy and organizational goals.